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HOW DID I SURVIVE CANCER? mayo clinic. 2 words up date 11-11-11

just back from tests. checked thyroid and it was down a lot.  uped the dose.  feel like a new guy.   got there thursday     7 am. blood drawn. 730 ekg. 8 chest x ray.  830 a mri on my neck.   ( jammed it getting in the truk.)  thought it was cracked??  9 to heart doctor.   had me go to urologist for lump i was freakin about. said old men just get them.  those are free.    hmmmmmmm  my girlriend found it.  told her it was hers to play with. eee eee eeeeeee      heart doctor said I have blood pressure med working against my thryoid ? sp.     changed those.     back for a mri on my ear.     radiation killed the nerve.  mri says.    too bad.      oh well. still have one.   to the ultra sound. checked lump on my foot. looks like a soft boiled egg under the side of my foot. it slides around like one. not hooked to nothing.  freaky.  boot dosnt like it. said.   that is free.  the lump that is. dont worry. b e happy.   oh dammit.

backfor consult at  4.  was outa there in one day.  isnt that a hoot.     thats how it works in a real hospital.   231-846-0346 in case you would like to know more.   i have taken several people out there. got many more hooked up.     just helped a lady get out there that had infection in a serious wound in her leg.  seems the hospital here sewed her up with out dated sutures or thread that promotes  infection. body cant digest it.  out dated. was killin her.  she went there.     they power washed the dead stuff out.  removed the stitches.    took the skin off the top of her head..  get this.  just the top layers.  shaved it.  used the skin. the hair grew bak through where they skinned it.  the new skin has her leg lookin like new.  she is alive all in about 3 weeks.  she was planning her funeral before she got there.   NO joke.   get along little doggie.   ya hang around here pilgrim the coyoties will eat ya.

because I had good insurance the medical professionals around here were running me through this gauntlet of tests.  I firmly believe they have perfected a system of handing off the patient like a pawn in a game.  I would show up at the referred doctor and that guy was already head set on what was wrong.    never ever would look or listen to me.       I felt like they were all saying either the exact same thing or were so vague  or didn’t say anything.  they were after the money. i feel like they have a racket that goes like this

if they all stick together and keep saying the wrong thing. if the patient ever tries to sue them that they can all say that  they all thought the same thing. there for  its just a mistake. the patient cant do anything.

well after 2 years of coughing. not being able to swallow. night sweats. ( bad )   I mean gallons of water every night. slept on towels. that is how bad it was getting. the last straw hit the camels back.  this dr in reed city was going to have my go to get my colon checked.   I looked at him and said. “  I cant swallow. am choking. pooping is absolutely no problem” sounds funny now but I was totally pissed off. came home. packedthe car. called them at the hospital and told them to have my records ready at the counter  and told them I was going to Mayo clinic.

they tried to give me a hard time.  I got really pissed off and said a bunch of stuff. when  I got there it was on the counter. went to rochester mn.  it took me 3 days of waiting in the waiting room of the best throat surgeon in the world.  dr kasperbauer. when  I got in. he looked at my throat and said.    ” you got here just in the nick of time.  you have a tumor on your tonsil.”

it took 4 min and I had a diagnosis.  had they checked here when this all started it would have been a simple tonsiectomy. now it was stage four. you are reading the words of a 64 year old cancer survivor  . it was 2000 when I was diagnosed. radiation and radical neck dissection. 5 serious years of healing.

I will inject this little piece of information    ” I had a english Shepard dog. he was always trying to lick my neck every time he had a chance.   exactly where the tumor was located later I found out.   after the surgery and radiation he never  did that again. “  my dog knew more than these doctors and  I use the term loosely.

since then  I have taken several people and sent a LOT more out there. cindy peterson from ashton called and asked what she could do to get ready for radiation.  they told her that she had stage 4 skin cancer.  I asked her if she would like  a second opinion. she said she had 4 so far. all the same diagnosis.  reed city. cadillac. traverse city and the illustrious annarbor teaching hospital. this is total facts gang. i asked her if she would go to mayo.   it was then she said.   the doctors said they couldn’t get me a appointment for 3 months and she would be dead by then

It was friday morning.  I  called my doctor and told him the situation.   he said  have her here Monday morning.     she went with her sister. called me Monday about  noon.  didnt have cancer of any kind.. ( NO CANCER OF ANY KIND)  pretty cool huh.I asked her later what the people said after she went back and told them and tried to find out the flaw in the medical system that mis informed her.  they said.   now get this ” it was a bad testing facility that gave us a false positive”     how many women and men were miraculously  cured of cancer they didn’t even have.

my daughters mother  discovereda lump. a rather large one and went to a doctor. they set her up for surgery, radiation and chemo therapy.  hi ho to Mayo we go. oh yeah. its a benign tumor. no big deal. simple removal. she came back here and had the surgery done.   NO radiation and NO chemo.      pay attention to this little detail..  tumors and not all bad. just a growth. get a second opinion for damn shure

wonder why insurance costs are so high. they all are milking it. if you have good insurance it almost means you are going to get worse care. you will  be run through things no human should ever  be treated like.

I have quite a list of people that I have tried to help and the most remarkable thing they all have in common is 2 things.  wrong diagnosis or wrong treatment.   cindys sister went out and was taking 18 different kinds of pills.   the pills were killing her. Mayo weaned her to about 7 she actually needed.

Paul anderson was sent home to die from a brain tumor. kim and I took him out and discovered he had Lyme disease.  he did have liver disease but lived quite a while longer and did die from the real deal  and not suffer how  he was suffering. it was terrible.

how far is it. my response to people is this. its only about 6 miles to the cemetery.    I have never  brought anyone back from the cemetery. you choose  the trip.    know this also. cancer is really hard on your spouse.   I had a wife that totally tried to destroy my life.  she did a pretty good job .  her and her sisters put me into bankruptcy and made my life hell, bbc the television station from england did a study on 10 women that had breast cancer and how their lives went with their family from getting cancer to the remission or death.

the best one the ladys husband treated her like a princess through the whole deal.  the worst. the husband burned the house. tried to kill her. bankrupted them  did all kinds of terrible stuff.  my wife was about  a 8 on that scale.  she still is doing stuff after 13 years. absolutely crazy . they just wont give up or do stuff right.

if you are dealing with cancer. conserve your energy. change your habits if you can.  find the best doctor you  can. get help from friends. it  takes every thing you got to beat it.  wish you the best.   al cox

if you are feeling frustrated and would like to share a story or get some information I can help you with.    231-846-0346 anytime.  if this little letter saves one more person.  maybe its you ???  we are all in this together.   who nose  peace be with you.

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PLEASE SHARE AFTER. “AFTER” you read all of it.   thriftypropane, I will tell you a little story of how this all came about! when i was little our neighbor had a small one burner hooked to with a small tank of propane. i marveled at how quick a tea kettle would heat up to a boil almost by the time the cups and instant coffee “postum” at that time the drink was,

       my new stove has a large burner on it and i have a really good pan  I like to do spaghetti , this “big” burner will hardly get the water to make bubbles let alone rolling boil. when the spaghetti gets in it.    its over. it will cook it but it is marginal. wondered about this every time i fired that thing up. also have noticed the smell of the gas sometimes. almost noxious and the taste of the meat off the grill sometimes had a metal or medicinal taste. not always but occasionally.

there is food grade propane. it is used in aerosol cans for pressure to make hairspray come out of the can. the cheese to come out of the can. the only gas they can use is propane and it is hd5.      all of you reading this must be aware of the poisons you are being exposed to.

especially if you have a old furnace that has a cracked heat chamber.   the reason you are not aware of a cracked heat chamber is when they crack.   usually the air pressure from the blower blows the gasses or exhaust up  the chimney. the pressure from the heat exchanger is greater from the heat blower so the air goes INTO the fire chamber and them up the chimney and outside.  however sometimes  if the atmosphere over pressures the chimney it will then blow the exhaust back into the heat ducts and it is diluted with the house air.  causing head aches.   sickness of all kinds .

the propane from Canada is what they call slop.   it is the gasses that can hold a flame and you unknowingly are buying  liquid  fluid that they would have to pay to have it disposed of.   they are selling it to you. be aware this stuff is not legally saleable in any other country in the world.    repeat.  NOT legally saleable any where in the world.  to be shure of what I am saying. get a small tank and we can have it tested to find out exactly what it is .

     to all my wood burning friends.   take  personalgratification in knowing you are doing what is natural. burning wood  and was how it has been done for millions of years.  if you are reading my webb site for the first time.   please feel free to call me anytime.  my name is alan cox.  i was born in 46, lived through the innocent times and seeing our country being raped. poisioned by chemicals. ” i am a non smoker that suffered a stage 4 squamous cell carcinoma tumor in my neck.”


never smoked but lived with two parents that were heavy smokers.    i absolutely detest the fact  i see people with kids in the car and the mom and dad light up.  totally wrong. i got the cancer.     propane could be a contributing factor. be sure  you protect yourself by reading this propane site.

i assure you that there is so much to this story that you must inform yourself.  the industry is killing you and charging you for it.  be aware  take note and help clean up our food chain. this is one way you can actually do something about it.   al cox

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where do we get all this wood?

we buy it from producers, when producers cut the logs, there is a clause in the contract that usually reads to the effect that the woods will be removed of all limbs down to approx 4 inches.    please read this  and pay attention,  the marked used to be that this trash wood went to the co-generation plant in cadillac.. they have almost completely shut down. soooooooooooo these guys decided to sell this trash wood to un suspecting wood buyers. and call it firewood.  they used to get about 18 bks a cord but it is hardly worth that but  now they found that people jump on cheap wood.  and dontknow what they are even going to get. so if you shop for price,  well. thats ok but only a little part of what you shuld really be asking about. when i answer the phone and it starts out with how much.  i almost want to hang  up because thats NOT the question you should be asking.

what kind.    size   dry green what does a load weigh.   how big is the stuff.  when can you deliver.     what do you really want. big stuf.  small    dry.   ants ok??? dirt ok ??? rotten wood ok ?         must be because i see so much of it laying beside houses and somebody brought it and probably got paid for it too.

i have a guarantee.  is you are specific about wood and ask about it.    it WILL be what  you ask for or i wont bring it.  hows that. a great guarantee.            al cox   231-846-0346

i buy only from quality producers.  I actually work for you as your buyer. i look for clean wood. solid and fresh.  i do not have any partners.  it has come to my attention that people are using my webb site and telling customers that they are part of this site.  NOT so. be aware that what you see here only comes from me. the quality. the quantity and the dependability for your good wood.

if you see a phone number and call it and ask if they are hooked to to this site.  call me and ask me. several people have called later and were really  pissed off because of a lot of not right things.  take a picture of the guy and his truck.  you see pictures of my truks in the movies.   a red mack with NO sleeper or a blue freight liner   also no sleeper.  my trailer has 3 axles so i can legally haul 10 or 11 cord.

pay attention to this because after the fact its too late.  O PARTNERS , NO HELPERS NO ONE DELIVERING FOR ME.


my name is alan cox.  go to u tube and click on alanjcox  one word.   watch the video and look at several of them. it will tell you a LOT OF STUFF

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VIDEOS OF UNLOADING WOOD search for “alanjcox” as one word on you tube

GO TO YOU  TUBE AND USE    ALANJCOX  ( ONE WORD)       AND SEE OUR VIDEOS.    you will  be suprised to see how quick it unloads and what a nice pile it makes.  APPROX 2 MIN AND WE ARE UNLOADED.

please check it out.      al

thank u for looking.

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pictures of our loads of wood

i have two loads on old 131 or federal highway just south of 46.  address is 8520 .  approx 3 miles south and on the east side of the road.

spring is coming with frost laws. if you are out and have wet ground.  be aware we do much better on frozed dirt and I put on chains.  it is so much easier to get around.

these are pictures of recent  loads we have delivered.     notice how the rear pipes are just behind the wooden ones.     I remove the steel pipes by hand then use the hydraulics to push out the wooden ones.  dropping the wood there on the ground.  this is a terrible dangerous place to be when I start to unload unless I have already been paid. then its not quite so serious a issue.

al cox.   231-846-0346

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trucking disaster

let me tell you about my pal with a self loader and a 20 cord load to Howell mi jan 27. got to the subdivision. sign said NO TRUKS> customer talked the powers to be to let the monster in. so in he went. had a real hard time getting to the customers property beause of narrow road. unloaded. then beause he was empty and the steep hill he had to come up to get out. he couldnt make it. slid back down. jack knifed the rear trailer. was off the road in some guys really nice yard. the subdivision powers would NOT Let a big wrecker in so they used several small 1 ton wreckers. they politely tore the front end off his truck by hooking on to the wrong place. its two days now and he is still there.
I have no idea how much this is going to cost him in the long run but i use it to make a point of how hard it is to supply wood to people with these large double bottom trailers
they are t rex quality destruction at the least. totally unforgiving. i took a load to a guy who saw a light on in his kithen pantry. opened the door and saw outside. the loader truk had tore the power line off the house and the wires out of the fuese panel as well as the fuse panel itself into the yard. so much for double wide construction.
I totally feel for my fellow wood hauler, he totally got coaxed into doing something he should have not. he is one of those guys that like to get the job done and was not smart enough to say no.
that is why i only have a 10 cord truck.
not too heavy. only 10 ft 3 in tall. do weigh in at 85,000 lbs when loaded. better than 180,if you are reading this and are contemplating a double bottom. please be aware of how disasterous it can be. just another heads up and the knowledge that some truck drive just went to a serious school.

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5 acres N of paris mi exit 142 on 131 x way

pictures say it all.    3 front acres are cleared. used to be farm land.  2 acres close to x way are nicely wooded.  the view is awesome both east and west for sunrise and sun set views.     looking to the North you can see all the way up the xway for a mile.   great elevation for drainage.

the front of the property along the road  has a pad for a double wide or singlewide trailer.  it is zoned agriculture so if you want chickens . or animals you can have them no problem.

there is a nice trail going into the woods and coming back .  making a really nice personal hiking trail.   we made these long poles leaned into a big tree on  the back that kind of looks like a tee pee for the kids to play and imagine things.  this property is 1/4 mile long and 160 ft wide.  a unusual piece but with the trails through the woods it is the biggest 5 acres i have ever seen.

nice hardwoods on the back of it that goes to other hardwoods with excellent deer population at times..  you can see the property from the expressway.  it is on the south bound side or the west side of the expressway.  please call   231-846-0346

price is  $16;000.  this land used to have a well and septic so it perks both ways.

look at the map picture..  it is on the west side of the expressway. the driveway has  a new gate.  recently surveyed . 

if you know someone in a mobil home park that is paying 450 a month lot rent.  here is a way for them to own their own property  and get out of that mess of renting every month.

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INSLEY H3500B EXCAVATOR/HOE 29ft deep 42ft reach 19 ft dump ht

INSLEY H3500B excavator/back hoe

this awesome machine was used mainly on a barge for cleaning canals because of its 45ft reach.   3 yd bucket. and serious lifting capacity.   NOTE it is a right hand cab.   for some applications a right hand cab is a major asset    the lifting capacity at 20 feet is 20kg or 44,000 lbs.  a third cylinder can be added for serious break out lifting.    the alaska pipe line had a lot of these machines , general weight of machine is 115,000 lbs or 52.163kg.   tracks are in excellent condition. this buket does need new teeth. or 231-846-0346,     we have the lowboy that fits this machine perfectly.

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D9G CAT dozer, auto trans, hyd tip U blade,

SN-66A6133,      D9G,  powershift trans.     pony motor start..   motor,trans is in excellent shape. super clean.   was used last in a concrete  salvage yard and the tracks are NOT good. the pins look like new as do the sprockets and idlers.  the pads however are in need of replacement.

the radiator and front end are in perfect condition.  the pony motor was just rebuilt completely. oil pump. crank pistons. when this tractor starts up there is NO smoke. there is a monor oil drip under the water pump.    we put new glass in the cab and paint.  it is just as good as it looks.  the cab can use new gauges.   somewhat faded.

clutches and brakes work exceedingly good.  the rear just has a hitch for towing.


located Luther Mi 49656  usa

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