new information about delivery of firewood

please read this as information only. I am trying to not comment on government regulations , insurance company profits or other wood delivery guys and their methods. I am hoping to educate you and this information is accurate to the best of my knowledge.
it also is my educated guess or opinion on how this all works. I am good on some things, know I am more than likely off base on others but again. its my educated guess.

fuel is well over 4 bks a gallon. that is a buck a mile for just the fuel for a LOT of trucks.
Insurance has just taken a %25 jump on all our stuff. a major hit.
there is a NEW trucking set of rules hooked to every truck that MUST be inspected daily and logged. this can be a several hour process. This cost in terms of hours to do it. the liability that it is putting on anyone that signs the inspection report. ” know this. if there is an accident. they take the truck to the inspection yard. who ever signed the check sheet will be held accountable. ” if there is a fatality and it is hooked to mechanical malfunction. that person will pay dearly.
if you are reading this, I truly hope you factor in the realization that our actual costs are really not hooked to the wood but the liability for the truck and driver.
finding a driver is impossible. totally impossible to quire a driver that can do the work. understand the customers. back up in and around bird baths. septic tanks. junk. animals. deal with electric fences. buried pipes. guy wires. over head wires. ect ect ect.
we have movies on you tube. “alanjcox” one word. several of them of our truck unloading. please look at truck trick romence gardens. east grand rapids. I back into a green house and push off a load in less than 2 min. thank you for reading all this stuff. al cox

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favorite pictures of wood stuff

someone sent this picture of a wood pile to me.  just loved it.   have never seen anything like this before.    if you know who did this. I wood love to know the whole story. if you cant see really well. it is  a stack of wood that looks like a tree laying down.    as I go and find other neat pictures they will show up here. favorite wood pile pictures welcome.  if you have someone that really piles wood in a cool way. please sent them my way.

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deer feed, hay, ear corn, round bales for sale

how about a bag of ear corn.  this is really a cool way to handle ear or shelled corn. by the ton is no problem in your truck. keep it outside in this relatively water proof bag.    right in the woods. cut a little hole in the side and let the animals weasel out what they want. perfect deer and bird feeder.   did you know that blue jays look like they are eating a LOT of corn.   well when they take it back to the swamp they hide it under  bark and in holes.   when they come back to get more. the other animals and birds steal it from them. they actually are a little trucking company and dont know it.  feed those blue jays all you want.  they are taking it to animals  and other birds that cant get to the food source. they are great little tuff birds.  love them.

firewood in a sak. in your truck. we love these saks

we do firewood like this with the bags also.    bags come in all colors and slightly different sizes. its the handling that is cool.   just plain sweet.

how about ear corn.  we have this in open polinated as well.  we raise and sell both kinds.    this is how we handle it. 

get it right out of the picker.  in the sack. take it out of your pickup with a loader.  set it under a roof where the sun can shine on it.  you are good to go.    you might have to put a fan on it. the bags are only 4 ft square.  hold about a 1000 lbs of ear corn..  dries nice .

we keep our hay inside for loading on customers trailers. this barn is made of house trailer frames and a old green house I bought. it is called poly carbonate.  tuff enough to walk on and transfers light and heat really nice.  makes it awesome to work in during the winter. tractors love it.

 I cut open the side of the bale and this is what it looks like.  soft. not sticky.  good for soft mouth’d animals.  fed this to our cows for 40 years.  no cows now. just some awesome hay fields

this is pretty much it. we have larger 5ft x 5ft round string tied bales.   they are $50 for the 4 footers and $75 for the  5 footers. ( approxx 1,200 lbs.)      harder to handle.  the 4 footers can be rolled out the back of a pickup truck and moved with two people. very easily.   we also deliver these inside a waterproof nylon bag..   if you need a bale for feeding deer. these are sweet.


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ordering firewood early

the firewood business in under attack from many fronts.  be aware that these old timers are being weeded out by several things that are serious problems . we are in the woods. our trucks take a beating so our repair bills are a lot more than the wal-mart truck. ( these wal mart trucks dont ever get pulled over)  the dot people have coffee and donuts under mine.

the D.O.T.    department of transportation.   these guys have a job to do and that is keeping trucks that are not within the mechanical limits. weight limits.   we are checked all the time to be shure we are  in line .    the drivers must have a dot physical.    eye sight.  medical . drug screening. ect ect.     a good thing but again. us old timers doing this are failing and dissapearing.  younger guys cant back up. cant be there on time.   will drive over your bushes.   I dont dare put any one else in my truck.  I have enough of a responsability issue with my very own self let alone put a young guy in the seat like I used to be when I was a kid.      NOT good.   In todays sue ya world, septic tanks.  is it your property I just drove across to get to the back of your  house.  a guy opened this gate. I drove in. through a field and backed up to his house. here came a farmer.  duh.   how could I know. good for me it was a farmer. If it was a city legal guy my truck would have been in that  guys back yard still or I would pay for a helicopter to get me out.    

next it is the customers that are doing the most harm or problem if you will.  google earth saves my bacon.   I look there and see a picture of the  address.   hills., up by TC there are hills mountain goats dont do well.    .driveways .bridges. rr tracks.narrow roads.  please be aware of what and where you are asking us to do and go.   read the horror story  on my webb page about one of us going into a sub division. that still hasnt been resolved and probably will be over 40,000 $ by the time it is done with the clean up. truck repair. legal bills.    not good   not good at alll

 however so many wood people just dont do that and a single load limit bridge can put a guy in serious financial trouble.   so many people drive their car across the little wooden bridge all their lives and do not  even think of it when they call.  not always signs informing us.

concrete.    I used to take wood to a guy named john by Howell.  he found a 20 cord load for the same money as 11. so he got it from a guy named mauma sp?     I used to drive my truck across his cement pad between the house and garage.

we discussed this in detail the first time.  it was ok. I told him to listen for popping.  at the first  one we would go back ahead and go to plan b.  well i drove in and out.  delivered twice to this guy.  

the 22 cord load showed up. he discussed this with the driver. well.    the house is on the end of a lake and there is no basements.   house was built on a sand pad  on about 50 ft of muck. it is basically floating.  the big load went  ( through) the cement.  totally destroyed the pad. and if he would survey the real damage. the  garage and house are probably a inch higher.

driver cleaned off his bed. drove off.  said thanks.   about $15,000 of cement plus the mess for complete stupidity.  john if you are reading this       I apologize but I told you so.    Mauma isnt going to pay for it.   when I show up.   if there is cement involved.  me either.  you . the customer must be aware that I know my truck weighs approx 80,000 lbs.thats eighty thousand pounds.   most cement. ( almost all cement ) is not poured with packed dirt of any kind under it.

when that truck gets on top of it.     it is  going to crack it..   I have broken new cement.   have done it.  only at the customers insistance that it is ok for me to drive on it and take a chance.

please have plan b.  broken cement will be staring at you the rest of your life and reminding you how stupid it was to do that.. lets just put this wood somewhere else.  My truck is on 5 axles. actually 6 counting the front one.  those big guys are on 11 but weigh almost twice as much and are not much longer.  so the foot print.  weight per square foot just doubles and its like walking on ice on a lake.  you are just fine but when you start in and the ice breakes.  its in you go and dont stop untill it bottoms out.      I can go where those big boys cant but still am dangerous

you know that you probably gotta put it in a  trailer and move it anyway.     how about the corner of your property and just adding the extra hundred feet and saving the cement and not bustin it up.

I think about the crack in that new cement every time I drive by howell and golf course road.      I should just say no..

back to  ordering early.  we need to buy wood jobs for firewood. we need to know early in the year . it takes months of work to find people that have timber that they want or need to sell.

You as a buyer need to start looking early. buy a year ahead of time.  you must know  that dry wood burns  hotter. longer. cleaner  and having it in a wood shed for a year is the thing to do.

please order early.   here it is middle of  the winter.  I am getting calls from people that are out. the cheap  guy didnt show.    now I am struggling with snow. cold and it just adds cost.

no easter bunny.    no santa clause. and there aint no cheap dry wood in the middle ofthe winter.

soooooooooooo  be aware. if you dont take care of your self. who else is going to.    snow and ice just plain kills me.  I dont do it in the w inter any more just because of almost getting seriously hurt every year for one reason or the other because of the cold. ice factor.

my truck gets destroyed bythe acid. salt. what the hell ever the county puts on the road so in the spring I spend weeks fixing  corroded wires.   brakes that are locked up from  salt and rust on the working parts. soooooooooooo  parked them

I have a load on the corner of US 10 and  M66 just east of evert if you would like to see one.

thank you for your time.   please do your homework.  find out where the guy you are talking to took his last load.  go tallk to the customer.    I ask people I deliver to if its ok to send someone over to look at his load if its feasable. some are in the back yard and I know that wont work but there are some I drop offf right beside the road.  drive by’s   no problem.

again.  do your homework. order early as you can and please help me find customers. thats the hardest part of my job.     al cox


we have lots of wood this time of year. some of you can take it because you have a farm yard.   a big level place.    plowed level driveway to back in.   plenty of room to do this.  you guys    make your move now if you can.

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shipping boxes/ 4ft x 4t x 4ft 3/4 plywood

these are shipping containers for liquid .  they are heavy duty.   3/4 plywood that have many uses.   they are screwed to a pallet. with steel banding around them.

these are super clean. all  hardwood qualiity.    made for shipping liquid in a plastic bag

these are available by the hundreds.  there is 2 sheets plus the floor of  plywood  .   fork lift designed.     we sell these for  $75     many many uses.   we used a few and put them on the side.  built shelves in them. put doors on the front.  moved the pallet to the side.     are perfect for storage.  like in a horse barn where you wanted to keep a saddle.   horse stuf.  put a lock on it and it is super cheap. portable and double tuff container that can be slid into the back of a pickup and be gone.   farm uses are many.  even construction for keeping  morter sand.   rocks.   tools. steel. horse feed.    on and on and on. the perfect cheap box for many many uses.     let your imagination run wild.  and only 75$.     a 3/4 sheet of this good two sides plywood is almost a hundred buccks alon.  there are  2 sheets plus the bottom in one of these boxes.    231-846-0346

these boxes are NOT screwed together.  only held by the straps to keep them  from opening up. the material inside  forces them out into the steel straps.  when we use them as boxes    we drill and put screws into the sides.  soooooooooooooo if you need some  4×4 pieces of plywood.  the sides smply push in.  releasing the banding. then the other two sides can just be picked out and there are  4 pieces of   4ft square   plywood.    no screw holes or anydamage what so ever.    how is that for  a find.    this is pikers heaven right here

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sawdust/shavings bags 700lb

we have bags of sawdust.  clean. picture is  of what it looks like. bags are  approx 700 lbs.  we can load them in your pickup truck.

we load these with tractor or fork lift.  you can get approx 2 and 1/4 yards in a bag paked in. these bags hold over 4000 lbs.  straps hold the bag up and there is a spout in the bottom that if you support the bag.  you  can put a w heel borrow under it and open the spout and  tease the dust out into your container.  or      carry the bag into a stall with a bob cat. open the chute and unload it out the bottom of the bag.  works sweet. 

we have these super saks that hold over 4000 pounds easily.  they can be carried by the straps on the corners.  stacked on top of each other.    perfect for handling  bedding material for stalls.

if you have a manure problem.    bring the sacks back with your waste and we have a place we can spread it no problem    do dont have animals so there is no cross infection or worry about  worms. grubs. diseases that can be shared with  cross farm contamination.

note how spear is just through two of the loops on the sak. that is over 700 lbs on just two of the loops.  amazing how tuff these bags are.  we have unloaded sand and the bag weighed over 4000 lbs.   these are handy around the farm for lots of uses.

231-846-0346      if you are in 4 h and need  small amounts of bedding.

have a  horse boarding and each one needs his own sawdust. t hese bags can be staked  outside.  the flap over the top. the sawdust stays dry.

will not freeze down. the plastic just wont stick like other containers.

clean.       no mess.  no  clean up.  it is in its own container and handles with fork lift real    easy.   if we bak up and push one of  these out. you can drag it with a ractor if you cant pick it up.   outside   or inside. its fine.

we have semi trucks that can deliver  a whole load.either in a van ( that can be unloaded by pulling the sacks out and letting them just drop on the ground. they will NOT split open..

or flat bed to be unloaded with a fork lift.   how many do you want.     can you pick them up.  if you are driving up northfor the week end and would like to get a bag. one or two  no problem. call first please.

the bats are 20 bks for empty bag.    sawdust is 75$ plus 20 for the sak..  delivery is extra. depending on quantity.      231-846-0346   al

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97 ford 3/4 ton with tommy gate stolen

this truck was stolen from old 131.  now called federal highway, 

please check out any special old fords around.  especially no  rust ones

tomy gate is new. or like new from florida. note the hitch. and electrical outlets.
1997 ford hood open note where I cleaned off a spot under the hood in one place
231-846-0346 call anytime al cox

really good pic and can be blown up to see defects. .

this truck came from central florida.  zero and i mean zero rust. door posts are pure white paint. tommy gate is  1500 lb    brand new delco battery installed.   recent complete tune up with new oxy sensors. ect ect ect. oil filter and oil and air.

if you find this pickup truck. please call  231-846-0346  .  here again is the
serial no.3fthf25h7vma30239
the dash is missing a piece that is above the glovebox.  here is a partial pic of what is missing
we are looking for this pickup truck.  it is reported to the state police and is on a wanted list.
that piece of dash is still in my garage. we changed the seat to a redish almost new one

if you see this pickup truck or pieces of it. please call  231-846-0346     al cox

there is a walk around video on  you tube.  alanjcox  of this pickup truck.    please take a look at that and you will see this truck in complete detail.

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new.  cracker log style cabin  full square sawn and notched logs. porch all the way around.   1,200  sq ft inside.    1,400 sq ft outside. large toy shed out bak. shipping container built inside for serious safe storage.this is the nicest log cabin I have ever seen.  my good friend has serious medical probems and needs to move back to michigan.  he will even consider farm in middle of michigan for trade.    $280,000   located  central florida..

porch is all the way around.
log home central florida

professionally built.    just plain perfect home

just a taste of it. the whole cabin is just this kind of quality.

Ladies. if you are looking for a awesome home.  this is a one of akind built by a guy and his wife that knew how to do it.  if  you ever wanted to have a log cabin. this is absolutely perfect.   two bath rooms.  two bedrooms.  large living and dineing rooms.

video on  you tube of the inside.    alanjcox is the link to these pics.  look for log cabin for sale
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TRACTOR 4 SALE 1210 david brown

greasable wheel bearing 750x16

super duty front end

note=gear reduction planitary drive axles

3 point and live hyd

perfect gears for loader

shifting pattern for david brown 1210

1210  side pic.     paint, needs some. tirew it does not

pass side of trator

This tractor has a awesome frame. it is ALL  cast iron.    beautifull frame full of pre drilled and taped holes for a loader.   POWER  stearing,    heavy duty front axle with greaseable front spindles and wheel bearings,    it has a really low gear frwd and rvs   look  at the picture of the shifting pattern. 2 of each.   just for loading.                you tube has a movie of it.    approx 60 hp.   we used it to round bale this summer.  it has a two speed pto.    540 and 1000 rpm at the shifter on the back of the tractor. ( note- PTO needs clutch attention )   it drives fine. does not dis engage.  you can pull it out of gear but just start the pto in gear.    dont know what is wrong with that.   just so you know.

excellent field work tractor.  discing. dragging. all that stuff.   strong horse.

located in 49656     231-846-0346   michigan.

hydraulics are strong, ezy on fuel also.        runs sweet.   al

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round bales 4×4 + delivery FOR SALE 231-846-0346

approx 600 lbs

net wrap on pallet

4x4 net wrap on pallet

Mixed brohm. timothy. trefoil. some affalfa and lots of different grasses.  we have  4x4ft  round net wrap.   it has been stored for the most part either inside or under a tarp.          these weigh approx 600 lbs

we also have 5×5 ft string wrap. these are closer to  1000 lbs. are a lot harder to handle as they dont roll very well at all.     unlike the  4×4 which two people can make them move ok.

the 5×5 ‘s i do not know what they weigh.     we  also have square bales of  rye straw.

there will be movies on you tube soon.     231-846=0346  located 49656  Luther mi.

we can deliver 1 or two or a semi load.   we have big box van that can truk 40 of these rascals.  we have square bales available.  lemme know   2 of the  4×4 ft bales will fit in the back of our pickup.  or we have several smaller trailers that can carry up to 10.  what ever you need at the time.  just remember.  freight for every trip adds up but if you only have funds for two thats ok too.  your call.  i understand completely

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